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We turn Chic into Glamour and Glorious into Perfection. Family, Friends and guests will know they have just experienced the most elegant wedding, whether it be simply elegant or to an exacting image, full of personal touches. The talented designers at Water Mill Flowers, will create an atmosphere of beauty, glamour and elegance with all the special details you wish to capture for a lifetime of wedding memories.


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☆☆☆☆ on May 15, 2012

I don't know if my problems with this place were because of 1-800- FLOWERS or because they are incompetent, but i had a very bad experience. I ordered mothers day flowers weeks in advance. On Saturday night I get a call saying that they were not going to deliver that day. Problem # 1: the order was for Sunday. Then on Sunday I get a call saying that someone had already been to my house but that no one answered. Problem #2: I had been home all day and not once did I get a call or did the phone ring. Usually when something gets delivered and no one is home, they leave a piece of paper on the door. About 2 hours later, I get another call saying that they would deliver on TUESDAY: Problem #3. I called the number that had called me on Saturday night, but she was just a driver and had nothing to do with the actual company. She told me that it was unacceptable and that she didn't even understand how they can do that. I called Water Mill Flowers but they were closed. The machine said that to leave a message i should press zero, so I did, and the machine says that it was not a valid option. Problem #4: I couldn't even leave a message!. So I called 1-800-FLOWERS and the woman said she would send them a message and call me. Problem #5: I never got that call. So finally I get the flowers on Tuesday. The flowers were beautiful, well at least the half that were alive. And to top it all off, the balloon said "I love you" Problem #6: The balloon was supposed to say "Happy Mother's Day" They don't even deserve that one star!!!!