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ASEFA is a gathering of musical talent, of musicians who love what they do. ASEFA performs in an amazing range of styles (Yeshivish, Chassidish, Modern Jewish, Israeli, Carlebach, and Klezmer) enhancing the very traditional wedding mix with delectable sounds and flavors of various music persuasions. Create an unique music menu for your wedding with ASEFA.


Average of 1 reviews ★★★★★

Josh and Julia Weinberg, Married in Lakewood, NJ

★★★★★ on July 8, 2010

I was simply thrilled with Asefa's greatÝperformance at my wedding. For weeks afterwards,Ýattendees kept raving about how amazing the music was, how unique the band's sound was, and how energized the dancing was because of it. People really appreciated the unusual twist on traditional Jewish melodies, which is the reason why I chose Asefa for my wedding. Thanks for making my simcha truly unforgettable!